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Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Email to Design-a-thon Participants

Posted by Sophia B Liu (Admin) Nov 18, 2020

COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Deisgn-a-thon Banner

Thank you for joining the COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon on!

The Live Q&A Session is starting NOW!

Click to Join the Live Q&A

We will have Live Q&A virtual office hour sessions everyday this week at 1-2 PM ET.
Register for Live Q&A Here and use the Q&A Help Forum to post questions, comments, or feedback on the Design-a-thon and we will address them in these Live Q&A sessions. 

Please consider filling out your Profile with details on your background and skills so that other team members can find you and collaborate!

Check out all the videos on the Speakers page including a Keynote Address from White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Birx, HHS Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Giroir, and Surgeon General Vice Admiral Adams. Watch all the Speaker Videos by clicking on this COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon YouTube Playlist.

Participate by submitting a post to Introduce Your Idea or Solution and collaborating with teams to Submit a Capstone ProjectYou can also Introduce Your Team as well as offer or request any skills through the Skills Matching Forum.

Please forward this email and invite your colleagues and friends to join the COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon as a participant or just as an observer to vote and comment on people's ideas. Go to the Profile icon in the upper right corner and click "Invite Users" in the drop down menu where you can invite up to 100 people you know.

Help us engage 1,000 people and organizations to fight COVID-19!

COVID-19 Diagnotics Design-a-thon Organizers

COVID-19 Diagnostics Design-a-thon

The COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon is intended to leverage the power of open innovation by crowdsourcing solutions and fueling innovation with open data, open source code, and open science. Help develop digital solutions for data capture, harmonization, and reporting from diagnostic tests! #COVIDdesignation

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