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Post questions, comments, and feedback about
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title submit perdana menteri

najib razak

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TOP Presentation - Phase 2 (Jan-Feb 2021)

The is a live recording of the discussion held between the TOP team at Census, the DAT organizers, and winners of the DAT regarding phase 2.

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Public Voters Must Be a Registered User?

If asking for a public opinion, it would be easier to gather a larger population if you do not ask every person voting to register for the site. Many people have no desire to register for a site they may never use but would like to support their colleagues, friends and family in this endeavor. Can this be modified? 

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Continue Crowdsourcing COVID-19 Ideas, Solutions, & Challenges

I think it would be valuable to continue crowdsourcing ideas, solutions, and challenges related to COVID-19 Diagnostics Data and how effectively use these data for various use cases. After the winning Capstone Projects are selected, it would be great to still engage existing participants and encourage others not aware of this Design-a-thon to continue providing input and work with the winning teams to provide input, feedback, data, use cases, etc.

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Oracle database integration / design doc available?

Good Morning! Is this document available for review? 

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WATERS overview video

Please find attached an overview video on WATERS Please scroll down to find the video

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Ecosystem Partners! If you’d like access to these tools, please send me your name and email address by COB on Monday.

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data is based on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, which is deployable across public clouds, private clouds, and on-prem systems. This provides the ability to extend the capabilities of the platform to the environment that is most optimal for the user without having to sacrifice consistency with hybrid environments. Leveraging this Platform-as-a-Service approach would expedite mass adoption across the ecosystem of partners (e.g., state heath depts, providers, etc.)....

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Mock Data or Real Patient Data

When sharing data between your project and other solutions that are part of the Design-a-thon, please do not use real patient data (mock data is OK)

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Vote on Nov 29 Midnight Extension

To All Existing and Potential Design-a-thon Participants -  Based on feedback we have received, we wanted to ask the community if you would like an almost 1 Week Extension to  Submit a C apstone  Project . The deadline would be extended to  Sunday, November 29 at Midnight ET  instead of  Tuesday, November 24 at Midnight ET  in case you would like to use the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday to finalize your Capstone Project. Vote Thumbs Up 👍  - Yes, I prefer the Sunday,...

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