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Vote on Nov 29 Midnight Extension

To All Existing and Potential Design-a-thon Participants - 

Based on feedback we have received, we wanted to ask the community if you would like an almost 1 Week Extension to Submit a Capstone Project.

The deadline would be extended to Sunday, November 29 at Midnight ET instead of Tuesday, November 24 at Midnight ET in case you would like to use the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday to finalize your Capstone Project.

Vote Thumbs Up 👍  - Yes, I prefer the Sunday, November 29 Extension
Vote Thumbs Down 👎︎ - No, I prefer the Tuesday, November 24 Deadline

Provide any additional feedback by posting a comment below.
Thanks for Voting!

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JD Moore Nov 18, 2020

Thank you for that offer. I, personally, was feeling like the deadline was approaching too quickly to really make use of (given primary responsibilities I cannot drop).

I would like to note that this offer might do well going out as an email. I happened to stumble upon it exploring the Q&A Help Forum, but I would assume there might be individuals or teams that would benefit from the extension, but may not have found this post that way.

Just a thought!

Thanks again for the offer. I hope more people end up voting for it.

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Shawnnah Monterrey Nov 19, 2020

I prefer 30th, midnight - many of us are on travel for the holidays and 29th is a Sunday :)

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adam robin 3 weeks ago

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