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DLC Delta's Co-Verify solution

The DLC Delta Co-Verify solution uses a secure, immutable multi-tier web application with an additional private blockchain  for COVID-19 reporting and research.   The solution starts with the Patient section of the site .  When a user is required or chooses to have a COVID-19 test, a test is performed and the results are uploaded to the application and then synchronized after anonymization to the blockchain.

The patient,  either through our Co-Verify web portal or custom phone app, initially registers, providing CDC required info.  The Lab test results are uploaded to the databases, which then synchs specific fields to the patient and Employer/Vendor/Government database for reporting and display.   The application allows for Patient plus dependents visualization of their Health Card as well as download and sharing of results. 

Should a doctor need the results after the tests are performed, the Lab Admin portal allows for the results to be sent.  The Lab admin can upload batches of results as well as individual ones, such as from a drive up clinic through the website to the databases.

The Employer/Vendor/Government portal allows for reporting of usage as well as management of the users who are permitted to perform the Lab functions for their employees/union members or school attendees.

 The website is :  

5 min Video of Capstone Project

Elevator Pitch

DLC Delta has developed and deployed a cloud based blockchain backed - lab reporting solution that has both a web and phone application.  

Challenge Goals

DLC Delta's end to end solution provides for access to lab test results as well as vaccine history data.  We have a fully deployed solution but are a small enough team to be able to make modifications quickly and still maintain solution integrity.  We have built the solution with the help of multiple large, experienced labs to include Point of Care integration so that as new technology is introduced we can add it to our solution.  With the inclusion of a research team who are working on protocol-based research for prevention, diagnosis and treatment medical protocols, our solution integrates medical, research and technology platforms in a fully formed solution. 


The current environment is fully developed and deployed in a secured Microsoft Azure HIPAA compliant set of servers with a backend blockchain to be implemented within 1 week from contract.  The solution illustrated within this offering is already built on secured servers with encrypted databases (there are currently 6 db's) which gather the data from the Labs or POC via the website or an API. The data is then stored in the db, specific details synchronized in the relevant db and available to the patient thru the website or an application that is both published in the Apple Store and the Google play environment.  It would be preferable to include another server in our environment and would give the solution an addt'l level of security 


The patient’s  email address is used to connect the lab data to the private access portal that displays the lab results.  This email address is used for subsequent labs and also with other participating laboratory partners via their own login and blockchain inclusion.  The anonymized data can be accessed by public health agencies and public and private research organizations. 

Our platform can trace outbreaks of COVID-19 as they occur in a secure and real-time manner.   Governmental agencies will have the clearest picture of the pandemic if we can present a network of high level participating labs. Using statistically significant or relevant sample data, informed decisions can be made and proper deployment of assets can occur.


DLC Delta  solution is built on a platform of multiple Microsoft Azure secured HIPAA certified servers.  There are multiple availability zones being utilized for redundancy and COOP capabilities.  The development has been done with open sourced software on Windows 2016 datacenter servers with a Private Ethereum Blockchain set up for the anonymized data.  This solution begun development in April 2020 with a patent search filed in May, as a full lab to user solution had not been deployed up to that time.  The need for the solution was identified in early April and Dr. Mastaw and Mrs. Carr began their design with the initial product being a research tool, with a full reporting solution as the end product.

Flexibility & Scalability

DLC Delta’s solution is built on a platform of multiple Microsoft Azure secured HIPAA certified servers.  There are multiple availability zones being utilized for redundancy and COOP capabilities.  The development has been done with open sourced software on Windows 2016 datacenter servers with a Private Ethereum Blockchain set up for the anonymized data.  The addition of more servers will allow this to scale quickly and accommodate more than the current 40 GB multiple database environment which is housing only ~200 users and their data with less than .05% utilization.  The Apple and Google applications can be quickly modified as required.

Sustainability & Extensibility

Our app was designed/deployed on industry standard servers which are both cloud and on-premise to allow for extension as needed. The storage for the db is on encrypted SSD drives which are synchronized daily. There is a backup done nightly and it is rotated each quarter. The ability to extend this system has been proven when the vaccine tracking was added in Oct 20. There are planned fields that were put into the blockchain as placeholders so that the solution would be viable after the Covid Pandemic had subsided.  Multiple Labs and POC have worked with our team to modify the upload templates to be included in the Lab db, We can further modify as needed to meet the changing govt needs for tracking and reporting.

Team & Collaboration

DLC-Delta’s CEO, Lt. Commander (ret) Dr. Jerry Mastaw, is a practicing anesthesiologist in field and clinic (MD, UMICH, Ann Arbor).  Linda Carr, CIO, is a senior Information Technology strategist, author & pioneer who has worked extensively for the US Government and global tech, e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco.  Marco Rosenbaum, CFO, is an investment banker, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America (Yale BA and MBA, UMICH, Ann Arbor), with financial expertise and a vast network of global contacts.  Rebecca Johnson,  Marketing and Project Coordinator, has had experience with  many solutions .Working as a full and broad team, DLC-Delta has decades of combined expertise and each member has created, run and financed highly successful companies.

Additional Comments

DLC Delta is a joint venture which consists of the principles being a  practicing Doctor who is Service Disabled Veteran and  an experienced IT cloud/blockchain/ solution engineer woman.  Additionally both owners are registered Native Americans.  This unique combination as well as their combined 40 years of experience makes this team able to not only design but also able to complete the solution as opposed to just develop concepts or vaporware as it is known throughout the industry. 

What Team(s) contributed to this Capstone Project?

Dr. Jerry Mastaw

Rebecca Johnson

Joseph Tuquib

Marco Rosenbaum

Linda Carr

If you are using patient data, are you using real patient data or mock data? Please use MOCK patient data only

MOCK data

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Jean Bringard Dec 3, 2020

Great solution!

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Waters Deng Dec 4, 2020

Great solution!

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John Cruise Dec 5, 2020

Very useful app. Great job!

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S Chupella Dec 6, 2020

Really timely - especially with blockchain

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P Morrison Dec 6, 2020

Congratulations on a well thought out solution! It can be scaled up to meet the needs today and beyond the pandemic. Very timely, and thoughtful of its use in the future.

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M Berden Dec 6, 2020

Anonymizing the data is the key. Excellent plan, idea and innovation.

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Sophia B Liu Dec 8, 2020

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

People's Choice Voting Extended

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Sophia B Liu Dec 8, 2020

This idea has been advanced to the next phase

People's Choice Voting Extended

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Andrea Pitkus Dec 14, 2020

Trying to understand if there are preconditions met by other software. (In general) 1. How to collect AOEs, from ordering provider/patient/specimen collector 2. Integrate into app/LIS or other information source for patient to be married to results of IVD test device/system 3. All transmitted to public health (ELR) 4. All transmitted to HHS (may be met by 3).

Will your approach support all 4 or only portions of above for "tracking lab results"?

Do you have EHR based data collection and reporting?

How are patient performed results collected, transmitted to their provider, and public health?

Do you support LIS based reporting of ELR in HL7 v2.51 (per the MU IG)? For patient performed results are they routed to the physician who is required to report via electronic Case Reporting (eCR) by law?

How/where are LOINC, SNOMED CT and other codes systems supported in your messaging to meet requirements?

How are CLIA testing requirements met in your system?

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Linda Carr Dec 14, 2020

Good morning - Thanks for asking these indepth questions - If these answers do not give you enough details, please do reach out to me via email and I will respond -
We have set up the AOE with the labs that we approve for use on our application - we have a doctor who is a partner with us (Dr. Jerry Mastaw) who vets the labs for their CLIA, approval and any other compliance prior to allowing them to create an account, which in turns allows for patients to have their data uploaded. The EHR integration as well as the marrying of the lab data to the patient is done with a QR code on the patient side and a Bar code on the test kits that we work with. As to reporting, we are currently providing CSV and JSON but have HL7 in the first quarter.
The compliance reporting fields, such as the LOINC, have been identified and are in the lab reporting spreadsheets as well as the patient information screens.

Again - thanks for your questions - please do reach out if you want any other information. Regards - Linda

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Coy Emerald Jun 2, 2021

Good day,
How can I give an important update regarding this website ?

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