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by Philomena Fritz | 4 months ago | in Q&A Help Forum

IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data is based on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, which is deployable across public clouds, private clouds, and on-prem systems. This provides the ability to extend the capabilities of the platform to the environment that is most optimal for the user without having to sacrifice consistency with hybrid environments. Leveraging this Platform-as-a-Service approach would expedite mass adoption across the ecosystem of partners (e.g., state heath depts, providers, etc.).

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, users can connect to external healthcare data sources to ingest, transform, refine, and/or virtualize data. Once connected to the data, users can analyze its quality, attach business terms and policies, mask sensitive elements, and catalog it so that it is available to other users in a self-service, yet governed format. This then allows users to visualize and derive insights from the data through a variety of industry leading open source and IBM dashboarding, analytics, and machine learning services.

IBM provides the ability to quickly and easily spin up dashboards as a service on Cloud Pak for Data to build sophisticated visualizations of your analytics results, and communicate the insights that you’ve discovered in your data on an intuitive interface. The dashboard editor provides a graphical canvas for a line-of-business user to begin investigating data for patterns and insights. You can author dashboard views (templates) and make them available to users with access to the platform to standardize analysis across organizations and data to decrease time to value.You don’t need to understand coding or SQL to explore the data and gain insights. Alternatively, you can hand off the dashboard and/or data to a data scientist for deeper analysis and predictive modeling.

For deeper analysis and predictive modeling, the Cloud Pak for Data platform provides access to Watson Studio - IBM’s collaborative data science environment. With the Watson Studio service, users can build analytical models visually, write open source notebooks, as well as govern and secure these assets throughout their lifecycle. Users can take it a step further by leveraging the platform’s Watson Machine Learning service to create, train, and deploy self-learning models using an automated, collaborative workflow. IBM Cloud Pak for Data also provides users with access to leading open source solutions like R Studio.

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