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Cloud-enabled POCT devices collecting de-identified test results to automatically disseminate data to surveillance & vaccination programs via API


Who I am?

  • My Name is Murat
  • I am working @ QIAGEN, a globally leading manufacturer of COVID-19 test solutions (POCT, high-troughput labs, antigen, antibody, PCR, NGS, etc)
  • My role is a Senior Digital Innovation Manager
  • I am doing my best to facilitate development of innovative diagnostic solutions by utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as IoT, AI, 3DP, Edge-Computing, VR, etc. 

What are my skills?

  • Digital innovation, diagnotics, POCT, connectivity, software, COVID-19 diagnostics (antigen, antibody, PCR, NGS, etc.), data collection

Which teams I want to join?

  • I am interested teams & projects trying to develop a cloud connectivity enabled test result surveillance systems.

What else I am looking for?

  • Looking for teams who can help to intelligently capture de-identified test results data with the ambition to create a near real-time mapping tool for disease incidence and prevalence. 
  • Looking for teams supporting innovative surveillance solutions for the automatic capture and management of patient de-identified results from customers using QIAGEN diagnostic platforms. The de-identified test results should be connected to public health systems. 
  • Looking for teams supporting data management systems that allow to collate, report and analyze de-identified test results from QIAGEN diagnostic platforms located throughout globall at POCT, decentralized labs and non-lab settings such as (airports, schools, etc.) 


I seeking teams who can help utilize cloud connectivity enabled POCT devices to collect de-identified test results & disseminate data to surveillance & vaccination programs via API.  Provide dashboards to monitor infectious disease epidemiology.  Cloud supported "results journey" workflows such as test certificates, patient tracking, remote result validation, etc..

Are you looking to join a team or looking to find an individual with a specific skill set?

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edited on 25th November 2020, 21:11 by Murat Kaya
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Andrea Pitkus 10 months ago

Can you indicate why you are desiring to work with de-identified patient data as PHI is often needed by public health and required in ELR and other reporting by law so that contact tracing and other aspects may be performed. Are you envisioning this in another part of the workflow?

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Murat Kaya 10 months ago

Thanks for your comment. The reason for limitting the idea of the "results journey" to only de-identified data is actually simple. I wanted to start with the Proof.of-Concept, and prepare the required ground work for more elaborate use cases such as test certificates, patient tracking, result validation, reporting, etc..
Happy to get your thoughts or suggestions...

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