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We need a single digital platform for twice a week pooled texting, with digital "test negative" passports to open businesses, schools, restaurants etc.  A single digital platform that is county-wide, or state-wide, that could (1) fix appointments for testing (2) issue digital passports and (3) recommend follow up testing schedules would solve this. At the back end, it would have to integrate with county-by-county or state-by-state testing deployment. We need testing centers to be deployed across states so that 1-2 million tests are being performed every day, recorded digitally, and passports issued.


Pfizer, Moderna and AZ seem to be under the impression that they've solved the "last mile" problem of vaccine delivery. But this is not true. They've solved delivering the vaccine to the pharmacies, but a vaccine is useless UNTIL IT GETS TO A PATIENT'S ARM.  

The gritty reality is this: county health officials and nurses who administer the vaccine are required to report on the vaccination, audit this process, ensure long term safety (report adverse effects 2-3 months post vaccination), ensure compliance (eg. correct boosters given at the correct time), compatibility (e..g Moderna not mixed with Pfizer) and report back to the vaccine task force and the CDC and FDA. 

CuraPatient does all of this, and more! 


5 min Video of Capstone Project

Elevator Pitch

Our nation is faced with an unprecedented challenge in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We need a single digital platform, CuraPatient. 

Challenge Goals

CuraPatient provides a single SaaS digital platform to address all COVID-19 requirements.


CuraPatient is already a viable product.  Everything in our solution is already being utilized to support 3.2 million people in Orange County, CA.


Our design is based on AARP principles to ensure all users are able to successfully navigate our product.  We are also providing CuraPatient in five languages.


CuraPatient utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve patient experience.  We also collect important user data and demographics to be utilized post pandemic.  

Flexibility & Scalability

CuraPatient is built for scalability.  We utilize APIs to connect as needed.

Sustainability & Extensibility

CuraPatient is hosted on AWS.  As new technology makes itself available, it is a simple addition to add it to our SaaS solution.  We recently did this to add smart device information from the apple watch, Aura ring, etc...

Team & Collaboration

Our lead medical advisor is Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee.  Along with our expert design team, they have created a smooth user experience for the patient and provider.

Additional Comments

What Team(s) contributed to this Capstone Project?

Wallace Smith, Charles Rockefeller, Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Michael Schurter, and Long Nguyen

If you are using patient data, are you using real patient data or mock data? Please use MOCK patient data only

MOCK data

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Sophia B Liu 9 months ago

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

People's Choice Voting Extended

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Sophia B Liu 9 months ago

This idea has been advanced to the next phase

People's Choice Voting Extended

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Andrea Pitkus 9 months ago

Trying to understand if there are preconditions met by other software. (In general) 1. How to collect AOEs, from ordering provider/patient/specimen collector 2. Integrate into app/LIS or other information source for patient to be married to results of IVD test device/system 3. All transmitted to public health (ELR) 4. All transmitted to HHS (may be met by 3).

Will your approach support all 4 or only portions of above for "tracking lab results"?

Do you have app, webportal or EHR based data collection and reporting?

Do you support LIS based reporting of ELR in HL7 v2.51 (per the MU IG)? For patient performed results are they routed to the physician who is required to report via electronic Case Reporting (eCR) by law? Is only CDA supported or other messaging formats like FHIR and V2.51 depending on where the reporting occurs

How/where are LOINC, SNOMED CT and other codes systems supported in your messaging to meet requirements?

How are CLIA testing requirements met in your system?

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