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At-Home Tele-Lab: From Epidemic to Pandemic

DynamiCare Health was built to address the opioid epidemic. Instead of having patients do urine tests at a clinic, we have empower them to perform >30,000 instant breath/saliva tests at home, verified via selfie video through our app. Now, we have the opportunity to apply what we've built to address the COVID pandemic.

DynamiCare solves key challenges related to at-home testing for:

  1. Patients may struggle to know if they are performing their test correctly and to read the result. DynamiCare provides on-screen instructions and machine vision technology to automatically assess the result. Patients also want proof of their COVID status, which DynamiCare can accurately provide by enabling members to record selfie videos of their tests.

  2. Test developers specialize in hardware and assays, but may not have the software expertise to develop a HIPAA-compliant companion app for their diagnostic. DynamiCare will partner with them to provide a companion app that can be packaged with their app, enabling higher accuracy and greater chances of FDA clearance.

  3. Organizations such as employers, hospitals, and universities need a system for assigning tests, logging results, and data reporting, which DynamiCare has already developed.

  4. Government & public health authorities need to know the results of at-home tests, which DynamiCare can report back.

DynamiCare solves multiple problems for each stakeholder and aims to be the companion app of choice for this category.

5 min Video of Capstone Project

Elevator Pitch

DynamiCare Health: Applying remote testing technology from the opioid epidemic and adapting it for the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenge Goals

Goals achieved:
- DynamiCare is a digital health companion app that integrates with IVDs
- DynamiCare relieves patients of manual data entry, through machine vision that reads color changes, or device API integration (e.g. via bluetooth, as we currently do for breathalyzers)
- DynamiCare prompts in-app surveys, such as a demographic survey (already in place) and an AOE survey to the end-user
- DynamiCare, in partnership with InfoWerks (experts in health data), will develop the functionality to push test results, demographic info, AOE answers, and other required information to public health authorities, including the WATERS system


DynamiCare already has a live, fully-functioning remote testing system for substance use. Our machine vision feature for automatic reading of results is already functioning for the preliminary STOPCovid.Science at-home test, whose results were published in NEJM.

To adapt our system for COVID, we would need to partner with an at-home COVID testing device maker, revise our user instructions, add an AOE survey, and set up the back-end reporting to public health agencies, which we have partnered with InfoWerks to do. 

We believe these changes are fairly minor compared to the system that we already have in place, and that the technical aspects could be completed in 2 weeks. Partnering with a testing device maker may take longer.


DynamiCare has significant experience in digital health product design. Our system is already fully HIPAA-compliant and has faced rigorous 3rd-Party Risk Assessments from the health plans we work with. DynamiCare is built on a HIPAA-compliant architecture using Aptible and AWS, where sensitive PHI is stored on encrypted servers.

We have invested heavily in improving our patient-facing UI, given that we work with patients of all ages and backgrounds with substance use disorder, some of whom struggle with technology. Text is in large fonts, required actions on each screen are clear, and in-app content is written at a 4th grade reading level for accessibility.

Please see the video for a sample of the planned design.


There are already some companion apps for COVID IVDs coming onto the market. DynamiCare provides the following innovations:

  1. Business Model: DynamiCare is not a diagnostic maker, and is available to partner with any diagnostic company. 

  2. Machine vision: DynamiCare has proof-of-concept for automated reading of assay color changes.

  3. Video verification: Tests can be recorded through the app and timestamped, and then reviewed asynchronously by our clinical team, to ensure the test was performed correctly. 

  4. Mass administration: DynamiCare allows administrators to invite users to the app, assign tests on a schedule or on-demand, audit videos, view test/survey results, and generate reports.

Flexibility & Scalability

DynamiCare’s primary distribution channel will be through sales to IVD makers as a co-branded or white-labeled companion app to their at-home diagnostics. Instructions to download the DynamiCare app and use it to perform the test will be included in the device’s packaging. Noah Traisman, EVP Strategy at InfoWerks, will lead the effort on partnering with test makers given his extensive experience in the industry.

The secondary channel will be organizations that need to administer at-scale testing of their populations, such as schools, employers, and health systems. Administrators will use DynamiCare to manage their organization’s mass testing program, ensuring that students or employees have a recent negative result.

Sustainability & Extensibility

The system will need minor modifications for each IVD paired with the app. DynamiCare can use bluetooth/wired connections to pair with smart devices via API. Even without machine vision, our clinical team can score and validate any kind of new test using the selfie video feature.

The primary use case is for at-home OTC tests, but the system may be useful for physician-ordered and POC tests as well. Providers can log into the back-end to order tests, view/audit results, and collect demographic/AOE data.

Infowerks will develop the reporting system to push results to stakeholders including HHS Protect, public health agencies and healthcare providers. This can be extended to bi-directional interfaces with EHR, LIS and BI systems.

Team & Collaboration

DynamiCare Health is a digital health company led by Eric Gastfriend, Co-Founder & CEO. He earned his B.A. magna cum laude from Brown University and MBA from Harvard Business School. DynamiCare is a 12-person team with expertise in medicine, clinical operations, software development, and product design. Amardeep Ranu, Sr. Mobile Engineer at DynamiCare, developed the companion app and machine vision algorithm for the STOPCovid.Science initiative out of MIT, whose results were published in NEJM.

InfoWerks is a leading provider of data management solutions in healthcare. Noah Traisman, EVP Strategy at InfoWerks, has held leadership roles at Quest Diagnostics, Beckman Coulter, and Viewics (acquired by Roche).

Additional Comments

What Team(s) contributed to this Capstone Project?

DynamiCare Health
- Lead: Eric Gastfriend
- Lead Developer: Amardeep Ranu

- Data & Partnerships Lead: Noah Traisman

If you are using patient data, are you using real patient data or mock data? Please use MOCK patient data only

MOCK data

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