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Simple Patient Testing Solution That's Live, Integrated and Comprehensive

Founded in 2013, and having saved lives across Africa, UDoTest ( is B2B at-home lab testing software platform designed to personalize at-home disease testing. UDoTest has been in the healthcare diagnostics space globally for 7 years and for nearly 4 years in Boston, Massachusetts. 

With a verified network of U.S labs, nationwide physician networks and tools designed for enterprises to better serve their patients, UDoTest was well positioned to impactfully help during COVID-19 and beyond.

Using any of the various healthcare it protocols available such as: API, HL7, SFTP, mobile friendly web interfaces, secure HTML, UDoTest’s at-home testing software is already integrated into a network of labs, large aggregators, Laboratory Information Management (LIM) systems, EMRs, third party providers, physicians and employers either directly or indirectly and is currently testing patients all over the country and reporting on the state required data elements.

With a strong team and deep diagnostics knowledge, UDoTest will describe here how our testing system is feasible, innovative, sustainable and scalable to serve patients and to save lives for COVID-19 and more.

5 min Video of Capstone Project

Elevator Pitch

UDoTest is B2B At-Home Disease Testing Software Platform Designed To Improve Access To All Tests, Data and Reporting.

Challenge Goals

UDoTest's Testing System already harnesses the integrated ability to capture required standardized data from patients through an existing, simple patient front-end interface, including test results from labs, diagnoses from nationwide physicians and data from employers. With already existing and live portals for patients, physicians and employers, UDoTest’s software captures and delivers the data securely through their diagnostic testing system to key local and national decision makers in the ecosystem.

As the data from all COVID-19 diagnostic tests is essential, UDoTest’s system is already capturing the data from traditional laboratory tests and is strategically designed to do the same for new non-traditional tests too. 


With UDoTest, 80% of this project’s needs are already live with patients, physicians, educators and employers nationwide today. With support, it is feasible to launch a MVP in a few short weeks.

UDoTest’s process flow is simple. The patient inputs their data via a secure, simple mobile friendly webpage and is uniquely linked to a licenced provider in their state and group / employer, etc. Using pre-programmed criteria and test data, real-time tracking and results are transmitted to the provider, the patient, the group/employer at the same time.

Having already been approached by COVID-19 IVD rapid test kit manufacturers, UDoTest’s system was strategically designed to cater for the wireless transmission of non-traditional lab-based data too.


Using our simple, existing and user friendly design, patients can access the testing service from any device in any location. UDoTest has vast experience in rural populations and healthcare data and therefore made it easy and accessible for patients to access their testing service. 

Designed by feature / module and initially catering for chronic diseases, UDoTest’s testing system also caters for enterprises including the legal storage of data, financial ecommerce and reimbursement, OSHA safety, consents and customized reporting including visual digital test results. 

UDoTest’s robust HIPAA secure system and database management already automates the matching up of patient health data, to providers, labs and tests across the country.


Simplicity - we have proven simple methods across multiple data systems, operating systems, demographics and diseases.

Data is captured easily and seamlessly from patients, while pre-programmed test data is transmitted with every test order. Providers experience little to no administrative burden.

Years of technical integration, experience and global expertise sets UDoTest apart when it comes to interoperability and insight into the global testing ecosystem.

Strong advanced diagnostic experience and a large menu of tests of 70+ self-collection assays (100+ diseases) for future pandemic and chronic diseases. 

Customization per client / region / groups exist today. 

Future tools include wireless data transmission, I.D verification, blockchain, etc

Flexibility & Scalability

With 7 years global expertise, UDoTest is integrated into a large network of labs (including some of the largest), software aggregators, LIMs systems, EMRs, third party providers either directly or indirectly using API’s / HL7 or even SFTP and web interface.

Already serving some of the largest employers in the country, UDoTest’s software was designed for all tests, scale, high impact, maximum flexibility and engaging personalization.

Some of the reasons why UDoTest has been selected by large, reputable enterprises today is because of scalability, customization per group / enterprise / geography, speed to market, international capabilities, adaptability, testing expertise, quality and capacity.

Sustainability & Extensibility

UDoTest can currently safely facilitate the self-collection testing for 70+ clinical assays (100+ diseases) that can be self-collected in a home or workplace environment for conditions such as chronic diseases, metabolic panels, lifestyle, COVID-19, antibody testing, etc. Pre-covid, UDoTest worked with insurers, laboratories and employers across the United States wanting at-home testing.

Focusing on the opportunity to include future non-traditional tests and results into the UDoTest testing system is core to the initial software design. Having launched in Africa, grown into the UK and expanded and settled in the United States nearly 4 years ago, UDoTest understands at-home diagnostics and trends and our future features above prove it.

Team & Collaboration

Founded in 2013 with a diverse team, and having been in the US for nearly 4 years, UDoTest has global experience and deep social impact roots. UDoTest saved lives in Africa and has been doing the same in the United States during COVID. (see attached) 

UDoTest’s leadership has experience in the technology, digital health, insurance, business, clinical microbiology, global diagnostics, health system, insurance, telehealth, population health, mobile technology, oncology and data science space.

Our advisory board including, but not limited to, payer and provider, health system, employers, telehealth, insurance, technical integration, scaling, women's health, social impact, consumer digital health, public and private healthcare and global health.

Additional Comments

What Team(s) contributed to this Capstone Project?

The UDoTest leadership team (attached and above) contributed to this submission.

If you are using patient data, are you using real patient data or mock data? Please use MOCK patient data only

MOCK data

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Sophia B Liu Dec 8, 2020

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

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Sophia B Liu Dec 8, 2020

This idea has been advanced to the next phase

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Andrea Pitkus Dec 14, 2020

Trying to understand if there are preconditions met by other software. (In general) 1. How to collect AOEs, from ordering provider/patient/specimen collector 2. Integrate into app/LIS or other information source for patient to be married to results of IVD test device/system 3. All transmitted to public health (ELR) 4. All transmitted to HHS (may be met by 3).

Will your approach support all 4 or only portions of above for "tracking lab results"?

Do you have app, webportal or EHR based data collection and reporting?

Do you support LIS based reporting of ELR in HL7 v2.51 (per the MU IG)? For patient performed results are they routed to the physician who is required to report via electronic Case Reporting (eCR) by law? Is only CDA supported or other messaging formats like FHIR and V2.51 depending on where the reporting occurs

How/where are LOINC, SNOMED CT and other codes systems supported in your messaging to meet requirements?

How are CLIA testing requirements met in your system?

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Jacob Logan 2 months ago

yes awesome I'm excited about this topic. geometry dash is a rhythm-based horizontal game that is a lot of fun to play. Your goal in this game is to jump and fly through danger. You'll be yelling in anger, but you'll keep coming back for more.

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