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COVID-19 TOPx Tech Sprint Beta Demos

by Alex Wilson | 3 months ago | in TOPx Tech Sprint Info

Attached are the files and recordings from the COVID-19 TOPx Tech Sprint Beta Demos. Thank you to all of the teams for presenting and user advocates for joining the breakout sessions! We invite you to share additional thoughts and questions in the comments of this post below. Our next demo will be on April 1, 2021 from 1-5pm ET. The link to join the Final Demos is here:

  • Problem Statement 1 - Help state and local public health authorities track and understand the virus in populations and communities:
  • Problem Statement 2 - Help stakeholders outside of healthcare make key operational decisions:
  • Problem Statement 3 - Help consumers and business manage point-of-care testing data outside lab settings:

TOPx Meeting Recording

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Alex Wilson

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Ken Pilecek 2 months ago

Some solutions could benefit from use of voice biometrics for identity verification

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