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App to Capture Test Information from Any Location

The Smartphone web app captures and transmits individual’s test results. Data includes patient’s identity and demographics, testing location, positive/negative/indeterminant result.  Data is populated by scanning a driver’s license or a unique QR code through the app’s QR code registration/creation component (handy for students w/o drivers license) and then it can be printed out, or through manual input. Unique identifiers are attached to each patient, so those retesting are identified as...

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DataRobot is the leading end-to-end enterprise AI platform that automates and accelerates every step of your path from data to value We are also involved with the COVID efforts We have ideas on the WATERS platform and have attached a video

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WATERS overview video

Please find attached an overview video on WATERS Please scroll down to find the video

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Mock Data or Real Patient Data

When sharing data between your project and other solutions that are part of the Design-a-thon, please do not use real patient data (mock data is OK)

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