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#bubble - your covid bubble awareness platform

#bubble is a smart phone/tablet application that provides you with personal covid bubble risk awareness based on testing data, ePRO data, and profile information. It utilizes a graphical database, the same technology that underlines many of our favorite social media platforms, to provide a holistic look at your personal covid bubble and those bubbles connected to it. It allows you to make decisions about when to avoid persons associated with high-risk populations, when you may need to...

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Test Data Entry for WATERS (EHR app, webportal, & phone app)

This solution encompasses three IVD-agnostic applications on three separate platforms: an EHR connected SMART on FHIR app, an available-from-anywhere web portal, and a smart phone/tablet app (that does more than simply collect data - see our other Capstone Project entry). Each of these offerings makes data entry easy, by eliminating data redundancy and harmonizing the data into HL7 format for consumptions by HHS's WATERS.

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We have skills in data science, graph database design, software development, systems design, taxonomy, data, and standardization. Are you an individual looking to join a team?

We could use someone with FHIR, LIONC, SMART, device experience, or any other complementary or duplicative experience that could add to the effort, let us know. Any and all are welcome editions! We're also interested in merging teams if it makes sense.

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USP Digital & Innovation

Rockville, United States

Joined this community on Nov 13, 2020

Bio We are a team within USP's Digital & Innovation division that lead innovation development and incubation efforts in technology and informatics. Team members include: Brandon L. Barrett, PharmD, MS - Senior manager/innovation developer, herder of cats, self declared polymath, champion of human centric and intuitive design. Christopher Dunn, MS - Senior data scientist, graphical database wizard, analytical chemistry lab veteran, musician, ninja (like, an actual martial artist). Deepika Katta, MS - Senior prototype developer, creator (she's new to our team, so I can't pick on her too much!). Aline Martinez, BFA, MLS - Taxonomist, organizer of the things, people connector, info extractor, artist. Andrew Grothen, PharmD - Data guru, clinical pharmacist, amateur enterprise architect, OCD like a boss, provider of vast amounts of varied knowledge. Sean Tepper - Senior web developer, UI/UX specialist, professional creative, applier of polish, maker of pretty and intuitive things.

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