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Design Consultant, Digital Health Design HFE/UX

Currently working as Consulting Director, Digital Health Design for a T1 Diabetes startup with very impressive Clinical track record. I'm passionate about Healthcare and Societal Health in general, and would be happy to work with others during this challenge or others. I only found out about this recently, and may not have time to put together my own impressive helping others or getting help with my idea might be more beneficial. (I don't fully understand why the timescale...

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Post-Test Survey, Pre-Test Instruction, Feedback Forum (Mobile Content)

Despite there being a few different diagnostic tests available, the methodology for administering each is standardized. Unfortunately, there is a relatively short time to train patients (and sometimes staff), and post-test communication regarding efficacy of the testing procedure itself is minimal. Additionally, the communities at large are susceptible to misinformation at worst, and persuasion at best. This idea covers a mobile web-based system that could be standardized at a National...

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JD Moore

San Diego, United States

Joined this community on Nov 17, 2020

Bio Consulting Director, Digital Health

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