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Essay Writing Guide-2022

In academic life, students learn many different skills. One of those skills is how to write. Students are taught to write at a very early stage of their academic life, and they are introduced to creative essay writing. This is the best way for someone to become a good free essay writer - and it's the only thing you can do at this time in your academic life.


It is good to write essays because it allows people to be creative, imaginative, and intellectual. It also helps writers learn how to write fast. You can also hire someone who will teach you how to be a better writer.


There are many different types of essays. Each type has a different purpose, but you can also hire someone who knows about essays to help you.

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The following are the main types:

  • Descriptive essay

An essay is a piece of writing that describes something, usually a subject.

  • Narrative essay

A narrative essay is when somebody tells a story by talking about what he or she felt and thought.

  • Expository essay

An expository essay is where the essay writer  tells you what they know about the topic.

  • Analytical essay

Analytical essays are written to look at the topic from different perspectives.

  • Explanatory essay

This essay is about explaining the topic in detail. 

  • Definition essay

It is one of the simplest essays, as the writer needs to define what they are given. They can explain it in many ways.

  • Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is one in which the writer makes a claim and uses solid facts and evidence to back up that assertion.

  • Critical essay

It's also a form of analytical essay that allows the writer to evaluate and debate the issue critically.

These are some of the most commonly written essay types that essay writer should be familiar with. Each of these essay kinds is focused on a single subject. The greatest essay writer service has chosen the following interesting topics:

  • The appropriate age for dating and getting into a serious relationship. 
  • Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in college and high schools. 
  • Wealthy nations should generously support poorer nations in all the ways possible. 
  • Increase in pollution due to frequent urbanization
  • Education should be free for every American. 
  •  How to enjoy the weekend for under $20
  • Wealthy nations should generously support poorer nations in all the ways possible. 
  • All countries with superpowers should spend a portion of their money on space exploration. 
  • Following different fashion trends is the need of time. 
  • We, humans, are highly dependent on computers and technology. 
  • The voting age for all the countries across the globe should be lowered. 
  • The government should impose higher taxes on companies producing unhealthy food and fatty snacks.
  • How Grandparents Play a Major Role in Child’s Growth?
  • What makes me appreciate a person
  • What recent political decision has created the most change?
  • Should school start before eight o’clock in the morning?
  • The wonders of Australia and New Zealand
  • In your opinion, what factors contribute to writing a great essay?
  • Are wind farms a benefit to the environment and economy?
  • When you need to end your relationship
  • Has society made the necessary reparations for slavery?
  • My Foreign Exchange Experience
  • Should I leave the job or continue it?
  • My poor boss.
  • How can i make donuts? 


As a result, an essay writer service free has carefully selected each of these subjects. You can also consult the essay writers if you're looking for more essay topics and ideas. If you choose to "pay for essay," your request will be well-served here as well.

Describe any gaps you have or skill sets you are you looking for to add team members.


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