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How to write a great essay?

How can I write a masterful essay? This is a question that keeps many students awake at night. Just like any other skill, essay writing is a skill that essay writer can master easily. All you need is dedication and passion. The essay is an essential component of academic writing that requires a certain format and substantiation.

In this write-up, we are going to look at certain skills and means through which you can write a masterful essay. However, there is no harm in seeking the help of an essay writing service. Many expert individuals are offering academic assistance to students. It is advised that you take notes while going through these guidelines. Students tend to forget things when they do not take notes.

Building up knowledge Base

Students who rely only on the course material have little knowledge. The art of essay writing requires you to have a basic knowledge of all fields. There are diverse topics that you might come across. Without adequate knowledge, your chances of scoring high would diminish. Thus, it is suggested that you read newspapers and books regularly.

Choice of topic

Making the right choice of topic is a different skill altogether. If you are unable to make the right choice, your essay will suffer till the end. Paper writing service should choose that topic which you are most confident about. It is generally safer to choose a topic that is related to your discipline or area of interest.


After choosing the topic, focus all your mental energies on brainstorming. You should reflect on your past experiences as well as your knowledge base. Write down all the relevant points that come to your mind regarding the topic. It is advised that you concentrate fully. Students are generally less focused which impacts their analytical thinking.


This is where you start organizing your thoughts. Remove all the points that you cannot substantiate fully. Choose those points that directly prove the point under discussion. Subsequently, you should list those points in a well-crafted outline. The outline should be self-explanatory containing an impressive choice of words.


The introduction showcases your strength as an essay writer. If you lose focus in the introduction, the reader will lose interest in your essay. The introduction should begin with a hook statement. In addition, a brief historical context should be provided in introductory lines. You should never forget to state the research problem in between. Lastly, conclude your introduction with an immersive thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the essence of your essay. In an argumentative essay, the thesis is a combination of your stance and the rationale. Students sometimes fail to present a well-articulated thesis. If the examiner does not find the thesis accurate, you would score quite low in the essay. All the body paragraphs in your essay follow the lead of your thesis.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the main content of your essay. Each paragraph should have one central idea. The paragraph should begin with a topic sentence followed by a premise. The premise aims to prove your point. However, some essay writers often combine topic sentences and premises. There is no harm in that. The premise should be substantiated by strong evidence. Evidence can take the form of examples, facts, figures or statistics.

Stating wrong or irrelevant evidence would fail to prove your premise. The evidence should be followed by an adequate and reasonable explanation. Some students jump to the next part without explaining the evidence. This practice is highly discouraged. It is advisable that you include at least two premises.

A paragraph with only one premise is generally considered a weak paragraph. In the end, there should be a line that would connect the whole discussion back to the topic sentence. All the paragraphs should be structured in this fashion. Any deviation from these steps would undermine the body of your essay.

Furthermore, it is often difficult for students to grasp the structure of body paragraphs. Hence, students would be well-advised to take the assistance of a reliable essay writing service. Numerous platforms are operating online. If you can craft your body paragraphs as per the rules, then you are almost done.


            The conclusion reiterates and reaffirms the thesis statement. Keep in mind that you should not change the essence of the thesis while restating it. Otherwise, your essay would suffer due to a simple mistake committed at the tail end to write my paper. In addition, the conclusion should summarize the whole content of the essay in an engaging way.


Many students do not appreciate the value of proofreading. They are exhausted at the end and they just skip this essential part. Even the greatest writers commit mistakes in their first attempt. So, you are well-advised to review your essay and check for errors and mistakes. If there is a need for improvement, then you should refine your essay.


            I would like to emphasize the fact that essay writing could be quite complex at times. When I write my essay, I always follow the rules in letter and spirit. Sticking to rules is the key in academic writing. Some students confuse essays with articles or blogs that they find on the web. In reality, essay writing is quite a formal and rules-based format of writing.

            You are welcome to visit other sources and tutorials to sharpen your skills in essay writing. I recommend you read at least one book on academic writing. That would prove to be an asset for you.

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