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ESA Dog Training Activities - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals have been proven many beneficial for the treatment of mental illness. The therapist assigns the ESA dog to a person suffering from depression, stress or anxiety. The legitimate esa letter is provided to the owner of the ESA dog which consists of the rules and regulations regarding ESA dogs. The ESA letter ensures the availability and companionship of an ESA dog whenever his owner needs him. Cats, dogs, and miniature horses can be assigned as emotional support animal due to their temperament and unique features.

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ESA dogs are very different from service dogs. They do not require too much training. An ESA dog will require less specialized training. Any dog that is high temperament needs special training to be kept as an ESA dog. An esa letter for dog provides the proper guideline about how to keep the ESA dog in any house or apartment. Some of the activities to train an ESA dog are as follows:


ESA dog aims to reduce the stress and anxiety of the owner. But if the dog is destroying the furniture and is barking all time, it will increase the anxiety of the owner. Only a well-behaved and well-trained ESA dog can provide support and happiness to his owner.  There are numbers of training methods. The first step is to select a training method and remain stick to it on a daily basis. The main focus of the training should be positive reinforcement rather than any kind of punishment. The positive reinforcement indicates the positive behavior of the Emotional Support Dog. After teaching the ESA dog positive behaviour you can use the three Ds to embed that behaviour.

Duration: Teach your ESA dog to maintain positive behavior for a longer period of time. it should be continued until you desist the command.

Distance: Teach your dog to respond to your command even if you are at a distance from him. With time start to increase the distance and his responding power will go on increasing.

Distraction: Train your ESA dog to listen to you even when there are number of distractions around you. You can use the voice of different people and animals as a distraction to train your dog in distraction.

While training your ESA dog keep your temperament positive and maintain your sense of calm. Dogs can more easily understand body language as compared to words. If you show a negative temperament it will put a negative impact on the training of your dog. It can be proved problematic in case the owner is suffering from anxiety, ESA dogs will respond negatively instead of providing feelings of calm and peace.

Teach your ESA a Deep Pressure Therapy. It is a special technique that your ESA dog can utilize when you need emotional or mental distress. Small dogs can be taught to sit on you at a proper location. Larger dogs can be taught to rest on their head and paws on you. You can also teach your ESA licking and barking to get attention. But before that you must know that ESA require ESA letters and if you don't know how to get an esa letter so contact any online service provider in your area regarding this

By using the command of paws up and paws down, you can teach your dog to sit on the sofa to accompany you. You will have to continue this activity until your dog gets properly trained in it. you need to train your dog to apply pressure on a specific point of your body to relieve stress. Train your dog in such a way that he can determine signs of anxiety in you. A dog whistle can be used to command your dog. 

If you have chosen to get an emotional support dog then you probably know that you will need a special letter to make it legal. This letter is a licensed document given to you by a licensed medical health care professional. Basically, it says that you can have an ESA. However, one thing should be clear here, if you are getting an ESA letter online then be aware of cheap esa letter service providers. 




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