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Early Signal Detection on Patient Level Data During Data Capture Phase

“Nature” magazine reported that Google used 2.5 million patients to build an AI model for cardio pathology predictions. It takes years to collect and learn from such large datasets, but in the case of a pandemic lives are at stake and patients can’t wait. Trendalyze’s time series intelligence platform solves that problem. It provides APIs for rapid data ingestion from any device that can be enhanced to meet healthcare standards and regulations. Simultaneous data collection and pattern...

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Signal Detection in Patient Level Data

We are currently mining patient level data to identify signals about changes in patient conditions. It is very useful to detect early signals in order to be able to respond and move patients from the home to the hospital or from the ward to the ICU. The data is all time series data coming from medical devices. We ae trying to figure how to create a robust library of patterns that can be used for monitoring and prediction as it will help reduce the burden on medical personnel. The approach is...

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Rado Kotorov

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Bio Seasoned technology innovator, digital transformation leader, and software executive. Leverages deep understanding of business intelligence, analytics, machine and deep learning, and AI 2.0 and 3.0 technologies to solve today’s business challenges. A proven leader in developing vision, strategies and data-driven business models for the digital economy. Has co-created numerous software products and patented technologies. Co-author of the book “Organizational Intelligence: How Smart Companies Use Information to Become More Competitive and Profitable” with Gerry Cohen, CEO of Information Builders Inc., and author of “Data-Driven Business Models for the Digital Economy.” Recipient of the 2019 NJ Digi-Tech Innovators Award.

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