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DLC Delta's Co-Verify solution

The DLC Delta Co-Verify solution uses a secure, immutable multi-tier web application with an additional private blockchain  for COVID-19 reporting and research.   The solution starts with the Patient section of the site .  When a user is required or chooses to have a COVID-19 test, a test is performed and the results are uploaded to the application and then synchronized after anonymization to the blockchain. The patient,  either through our Co-Verify web portal or custom phone app,...

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Linda Carr

Ashburn, United States

Joined this community on Nov 13, 2020

Bio A widely-accomplished and multi-talented senior Information Technology strategist & pioneer, with specialized competency in Enterprise Solutions, Cybersecurity Solutions, Transformations, Datacenter migration, Blockchain solutions, strategic optimization analysis, contract negotiations, solutions development and training for world-renowned global technology companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco. Strengths include providing committed technical management coupled with the adeptness to coordinate effectively with cross-functional teams for superior project delivery in accordance with strict budgetary and time guidelines. Outstanding technical proficiency and the aptitude to build long-lasting rapport with business partners, associates, and clients with an unparalleled standard of excellence in all operational landscapes. Touted as responsive, highly productive professional who can work with numerous IT employees and vendors to ensure continued success through corporate projects

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