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Symptomatic Cloud Solution @ Connectathon 26

Symptomatic has been running a FHIR enabled cloud service in the past two HL7 Connectathons that implements the Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response (SANER) specification.   We intend to participate in the upcoming SANER track during Connectathon 26, and invite the Covid19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon community to participate with us.  As part of that invitation, we are deploying our connectathon servers two months early, and will be accepting input and design...

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HL7 SANER Relay Network

Symptomatic has been working with HL7 International, MITRE, and the CDC in developing an open-source javascript implementation of the SANER Implementation Guide (Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response). Our solution incorporates a SMART on FHIR data mining utility (Measure Producer), that can query hospital EHR servers for COVID19 data.  This allows it to be compliant with CARES Act Section 18115 requirements, in that we are already querying for Covid19 antigen LOINC codes, and...

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Pandemic Maps

HHS and CDC currently provide pandemic maps that are focused on state level reporting.   This introduces problems for pandemic response coordination, in so far as these state level maps tend to group urban and rural interests together.     In general, HHS and CDC data reporting is in need of higher resolution and higher fidelity data visualizations, which can provide granulized policy guidance.  Collecting data at the county or health service area (HSA) level could solve this problem,...

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Abigail Watson

Chicago, United States

Joined this community on Nov 16, 2020

Bio Clinical Informaticist educated at the University of Chicago. 17 years experience with clinical environments and healthcare IT systems. Co-Chair of the HL7 Patient Empowerment Working Group. Developed a working prototype of a FHIR based upgrade to the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and HHS Protect reporting networks, based on the HL7 SANER implementation guide, which is now ready to pilot.

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