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Safe Space COVID-19 Response: Back to <School, Work, Travel>

What started out as a crisis response has become the new normal, with big implications for what businesses, schools, and the travel industry must do to implement new safety standards. CareSpace Safe Space program represents a new Gold Safety Standard designed to reopen core economic operations through three key activities testing, monitoring, and response. Ā The Safe Space program brings together: Ā Enterprise security and scalability technology by Unisys and Microsoft Ā Telehealth...

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David Richards

Wilsonville, United States

Joined this community on Nov 18, 2020

Bio The COVID-19 crisis has left hospitals overloaded, companies unsure of how to protect their employees, and whole nations locking their doors. Employers are now expected to deliver a higher standard of safety if they want to remain in business. The CareSpace Health Band is a Bluetooth-enabled wristband with built-in ambient skin temperature sensors that are connected to CareSpaceā€™s enterprise monitoring platform.

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