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One Country, One Data Standard, One Process for all - Oasys Streaming Analytics

The OASYS Team recognizes and understands the complexity of this project, requiring a solution meeting the needs of the Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as proves useful to the public, before and after their own COVID-19 testing. To empower disparate testing facilities, with different operating environments and procedures, to fulfill the reporting requirements of various levels of government, our approach provides for a variety of information capture methods, such as smart-phone...

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Rapid iOS Capability Integration with Shortcuts App

Since I am not an iOS Developer, I played around with the iOS Shortcuts app (Organic Apple Application). Shortcuts allows you to create a declarative script on the iPhone, and quickly integrate various iOS capabilities (APIs) together to execute involved workflows: Voice to Text (Speech Recognition) data entry Touch Data Entry (selections from lists) GPS Location, QR-Code generation, Web Service integration, Posting Test-Subject record into the back-end system Take a look...

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Eric Tsibertzopoulos

Vienna, United States

Joined this community on Nov 21, 2020

Bio Data Architect, Developer at Oasys Inc. I am a Senior Data Architect, Data Engineer, Web-Developer, working with Data Refinery, Data Visualization, Analytics, and Machine Learning in a US-Army G1 project. I am currently leading the technical implementation of a Business Intelligence task, integrating an Angular web application, REST Web Services, Qlik Sense In-Memory data model, and an ORACLE 19c data warehouse that will deliver BI across five subject-areas in Army Talent Management. I am passionate about practicing DataOPS in a cloud-based environment, utilizing high-scale tools for managing and refining Big Data in order to enable repeatable Data Science. My current skills include R, Apache Spark, Pyspark, Delta-Lake Streaming, Kafka, MongoDB, Graph Databases, AWS/Azure lambda functions, GraphQL, and Angular development.

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