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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Email to Design-a-thon Participants

Posted by Sophia B Liu (Admin) Nov 18, 2020

Thank you for participating in the COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon on!

VOTE on Sunday, November 29 Extension

Based on feedback we have received, we wanted to ask the community if you would like a ~ 1 week extension to Submit a Capstone Project. The deadline would be Sunday, November 29 at Midnight ET instead of Tuesday, November 24 at Midnight ET in case you would like to use the weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday to finalize your project.

Go to the Vote on Nov 29 Midnight Extension Post in the Q&A Help Forum and Vote Thumbs Up or Down. Provide comments to the post if you have additional feedback. 

Live Q&A at 1-2 PM ET

Register for the Live Q&A Here taking place daily at 1-2 PM ET. Use the Q&A Help Forum to post questions, comments, or feedback on the Design-a-thon since other participants may have similar questions. We will also answer them in these Live Q&A sessions.

Click to Join the Live Q&A on Zoom at 1-2 PM ET TODAY 

Add Tags & Categories to Your Ideas Posts

When you Participate and submit posts, consider adding Tags to your make it easier to filter ideas in the Introduce Your Idea or Solution page and projects in the Capstone Project page.

Don't forget to Introduce Your Team to provide more details on the skills and expertise in your team. You can also offer or request any skills through the Skills Matching Forum. Individuals, Teams, and Organizations can submit multiple Ideas and Capstone Projects. Multiple teams can also collaborate on a Capstone Project. We highly encourage submitting a Capstone Project co-authored by multiple teams with diverse skills and expertise!

Design-a-thon Resources

You can find more resources about the Design-a-thon on the Goals page, FAQs page, and Judging page. Don't forget to check out the videos on the Speakers page, which includes an Opening Keynote Address from White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx. You can watch all the Speaker Videos together by playing this COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon YouTube Playlist.

Don't forget to Invite your Colleagues, Friends, and Family to Participate in the Design-a-thon!

COVID-19 Diagnotics Design-a-thon Organizers

COVID-19 Diagnostics Design-a-thon

The COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-a-thon is intended to leverage the power of open innovation by crowdsourcing solutions and fueling innovation with open data, open source code, and open science. Help develop digital solutions for data capture, harmonization, and reporting from diagnostic tests! #COVIDdesignation

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This post was edited on Nov 18, 2020 by Sophia B Liu

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